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A Warm Welcome to Join Us

Experience the diverse natural resources and scenic environment of North Central Florida's
Marion County with Marion Audubon Society:

Marion Birding Thread

2016 CBC Results Unfold in Pictures - click here: Birding Thread

Marion Audubon Meet and Greet Picnic

EVENT LOCATION: Fort King Park Saturday, April 8 2017
3925 East Fort King Street Ocala FL

Bird walk led by Norm Lantz and Carolyn Retey begins at 9 AM. Raffle and Book Sale will be held beginning at 11:00 a.m.; with proceeds going to Donate a Log to Rebuild Ft. King Fund.
Picnic begins at noon. Marion Audubon will provide food and soft drinks.

Please RSVP by April 1 afhannon@sbcglobal.net or call 760-212-3543
You may also find Marion County Audubon on Facebook

Super items for silent auction including original Sophia Webb peeps. Her painting will be featured on this month’s Birding Magazine.
For book sale, all board members will contribute. Several autographed books to contribute. At least 40 books and all gentle used or new. Also, available Shore Bird Print by Sophie Webb
Zeiss Binoculars; Paid $1,600 6 years ago; will start price at $700

Great bunch of books to sell; rather good assortment. To mention a few:

  • The Crossley ID Guide autographed by Crossley
  • Better Birding autographed by George Armistead
  • The Warblers Guide 2 copies both new
  • Hawks From Every Angles - Jerry Liuori
  • All Things Reconsidered My Birding Adventures - Roger Troy Peterson - Edit and autographed by Bill Thompson
  • When Eagles Roar by James Currie
  • The Big Year
  • Guides to various places worldwide and USA
  • Coffee Table Bird Books
  • Other types of non-birding books such as Wine Bible, I am your Man Life of Leonard Cohen, Killing Patton by O'Reily

20th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count



As a follow up to the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) community event, February 17 through 20, published in the media last month, attached is the final and combined bird count for Marion County residents. There were 128 species counted over the four day period including Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser, and Long-billed Dowitcher just to name a few.

Also of interest are the top ten reporting sites used by residents during this bird count. Lake Weir was number one and Rainbow Springs State Park was number 10.

The top residents reporting were Douglas Richard, Michael Paczolt, Josephine Muncy, Donna Schromm, Rick Purvis, James Sheppard, just to name a few.

Marion Audubon Society can also be found on FACEBOOK at http://www.facebook.com/marionaudubonsociety/

WHY IT MATTERS : This great backyard bird count is part of a global event which began twenty years ago. This activity is educational and helps scientists and Marion County residents study changes over time in regarding to bird migration. The GBBC is a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society with partner Bird Studies Canada and is made possible in part by sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited.

by clicking here GBBC Combined Results

Additional information related to the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)
can be found by clicking here GBBC

Check out the March 13th GBBC article in the Ocala Star Banner by clicking here GBBC Star Banner article

Or navigate directly to the Star Banner site at Ocala Star Banner

Results of Recent Bird Counts

NOTICE: All information related to the recent bird counts can be found by clicking here Recent Bird Counts

Hot Off the Press - MAS Fall Newsletter

Click here for all the latest information about: MAS Fall Newsletter
        * Monthly Nature Walks by Carolyn Retey
                * MAS's Citizen Science program
                        * Regular Monthly Programs
                                        * Conservation Festivals and Events
                                                        and much more

Check out National Audubon Society's
"Plants For Birds" Campaign

Native plants are the foundation of the ecosystem that our beautiful birds depend on—they provide food, shelter, and places for birds to nest. Native plants also help birds weather the effects of climate change, and they reduce pollution and water use, promoting more healthy habitats for birds. That’s why hundreds of Audubon chapters promote the use of native plants and run native plant programs.

Together, we want to take that message to even more people, and that’s what the Plants For Birds campaign is all about. We’ve set an initial goal of engaging 50,000 people to plant 1,000,000 new native plants.

What will you find on the website? Here’s a short list:
        * A 60-second video and articles about why native plants are important for birds
        * A first-of-its-kind searchable database that highlights garden-friendly native plants for
              specific ZIP codes (and the bird groups that depend on those plants)
        * Local Audubon chapters and Audubon centers with native plant services
        * Native plant nurseries and suppliers
        * Ways to sign up, get involved, and learn more

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The Nature Walk & Program Schedule is Posted at the Calendar of Events Button.
Click here: Calendar of Events

On the Conservation Front

Marion Counties newest conservation area is named:

Silver Springs Forest
Conservation Area

This 4,900 acres is near the Indian Lake State Forest. Stay tuned for more info about its potential for birding.

Florida is a great place for birding because of the year-round presence of a vast number of species.
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