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A Warm Welcome to Join Us

Experience the diverse natural resources and scenic environment of North Central Florida's
Marion County with Marion Audubon Society:

Marion Birding Thread:
              For the latest tidbits about Birding in Marion County click here: Birding Thread

Bird Photography Goes Hand in Hand with Bird Identification. Marion Audubon Society has a great group of photographers who capture bird activity in and around Marion County. Photos are helpful for identifying various seasonal characteristics of birds that may confuse even the most astute bird watcher. Click Here to follow the latest discussion on this topic: GBH Study
Birding Thread - Great Blue Heron

Send your latest Birding Thread with pictures to Jim Yaich for posting on the Birding Thread.


Upcoming Meeting of the Members - Thursday, October 13, 2016 Topic of Business: Adopt Revised Bylaws - Draft can be viewed by going to the Membership

Hot Off the Press - MAS Fall Newsletter

Click here for all the latest information about: MAS Fall Newsletter
        * Monthly Nature Walks by Carolyn Retey
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Check out National Audubon Society's
"Plants For Birds" Campaign

Native plants are the foundation of the ecosystem that our beautiful birds depend on—they provide food, shelter, and places for birds to nest. Native plants also help birds weather the effects of climate change, and they reduce pollution and water use, promoting more healthy habitats for birds. That’s why hundreds of Audubon chapters promote the use of native plants and run native plant programs.

Together, we want to take that message to even more people, and that’s what the Plants For Birds campaign is all about. We’ve set an initial goal of engaging 50,000 people to plant 1,000,000 new native plants.

What will you find on the website? Here’s a short list:
        * A 60-second video and articles about why native plants are important for birds
        * A first-of-its-kind searchable database that highlights garden-friendly native plants for
              specific ZIP codes (and the bird groups that depend on those plants)
        * Local Audubon chapters and Audubon centers with native plant services
        * Native plant nurseries and suppliers
        * Ways to sign up, get involved, and learn more

Get Involved

Marion Audubon & Florida Native Plant Photo Display

Ocala, Florida - Eggs Over Easy on Baseline Road is featuring the photos of Sandra Marraffino* of Marion Audubon Society, Taryn Evans of the Florida Native Plant Society along with 14 other artists. This visual nature delight hopes to inspire a consideration to plant native specimens to attract pollinators as well as beautification of our environment for benefit of all. Or just stop and enjoy the view in many mediums.

September 12th, 10am, Taryn Evans will present “Why Native Plants??” Free, coffee/eats on your own.

November 10th, 7pm, Sandra Marraffino will present “Attracting the Real Snow Birds to Your Yard,” at Fort King National Historic Landmark. See Fort King National Historic Landmark.

Donna Cuppels and her husband, Earl, have hosted local artists for the pleasure of customers in the dining area at Eggs Over Easy on Baseline Road in Ocala for nearly 5 years. “Donna, the owner, is very welcoming and certainly a promoter of local artists by allowing her walls to resemble an art gallery,” Marraffino commented.

* For additional information about Sandra Marraffino and "Eggs Over Easy"
Click here Calendar of Events

Current artists: Anita Anderson, Carol Baxter, Margaret Edmunson, Taryn Evans, Don Good, Diana Lee Harris, C. Kay Johnson, Bob Judy, Judith Kaiser, Linda Lee Krebs, Robert Kuperberg, Sandra Marraffino, Lee Murphy, Jorine Robinson, Margaret Shark, and Bev Waters will be on display until until Oct 3, 2016. Most works are for sale.

As a salute to veterans, Operation Shoebox has a continual display of gratitude from branches of the military.

Eggs Over Easy:
Where: 5855 SE 5 St. at Baseline Road, Ocala
Hours: 7 a.m.-2 p.m. daily
Cuisine: breakfast and lunch
Information: 351-3447

* For additional information contact Karen at 694-7598 or 952-201-4277 or e-mail at Ke_create@yahoo.com

Mark Your Calendar

The Nature Walk & Program Schedule is Posted at the Calendar of Events Button.
Click here: Calendar of Events

On the Conservation Front

Marion Counties newest conservation area is named:

Silver Springs Forest
Conservation Area

This 4,900 acres is near the Indian Lake State Forest. Stay tuned for more info about its potential for birding.

Florida is a great place for birding because of the year-round presence of a vast number of species.
Learn More about Birds & Birding in Florida & Marion County at these Links:
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Marion County Bird Checklist

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